• Electric Bike Conversion Kit Trailer

    Get a Boost

    This trailer pushes you up hills.

    Watch it Work
  • commute Electric Bike Conversion Kit Trailer

    Your Morning Commute– No Sweat

    The power you need to ride farther and stay dry.

    Leave your car at home!
  • Ridekick Electric Bike Trailer

    Attaches Quickly, Without Tools

    You're ready to ride in less than 10 minutes

    Watch it Work
  • carry-stuff Electric Bicycle Trailer cargo

    Carries More Than the Power System

    A power trailer and storage container all in one.

    Recreational Riding Commuting
  • recumbent-biker

    Supercharge Your Seat

    The perfect companion for Recumbent Bikes

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  • Electric Bike Trailer Featured In

Add electric power to any bike

The electric motor propels you up hills and through the wind.

Get more out of your bike

Simple Control

Power assist is controlled by a simple throttle. The more you press, the more power you get.

Generous Range

The standard batteries propel you 8-12 miles and larger batteries go 20, 30, or 50 miles

Charges Quickly

The batteries recharge in 3-4 hours when fully depleted

Light Design

Patented “power trailer” configuration carries a 500W motor and battery. No extra weight or strain on your bike.

Minimal Assembly

Installs in 10 minutes with no special tools or bike modifications

Quick Connect

Unhitches and reconnects to your bike in 12 seconds

Less Car, More Go

Cargo capacity is enough for two grocery bags or a briefcase, laptop, and lunch.

  • tst-Man-Dog-Recumbent
    I love being able to take my dog, Quigley, with me when I use my bike to get around. Quigley has come to LOVE his Ridekick chariot. Thanks, Ridekick team, for your help in putting this together!
    Rick M., Fort Collins, CO
  • Recumbent bike rider with ridekick
    My Ridekick has enabled me to go places and distances I never thought possible on my recumbent trike. The extra storage is great, too, for a picnic or even if you want to bring back groceries from the store.
    Bob Beardman, San Diego
  • Bicyle rider in traffic
    We made it to the town center for breakfast. Just under 6 miles pretty much all uphill, in 37 minutes. I pedaled at a comfortable rate. So I would say that you have solved the problem for me and my hills. Very, very happy. Thank you so much!!
    Ellen A., Petersham, MA
  • Tandem recumbent bicycle riders on trail
    Last year, between the two of us, we lost 40 pounds. We believe it’s because the Ridekick trailer made our tandem riding together so much more fun, we wanted to go more often.
    Larry and Sally, MI

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