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Add electric power to any bike

The electric motor propels you up hills and through the wind.

Get more out of your bike

Simple Control

Power assist is controlled by a simple throttle. The more you press, the more power you get.

Generous Range

The standard batteries propel you 8-12 miles and larger batteries go 20, 30, or 50 miles

Charges Quickly

The batteries recharge in 3-4 hours when fully depleted

Light Design

Patented “power trailer” configuration carries a 500W motor and battery. No extra weight or strain on your bike.

Minimal Assembly

Installs in 10 minutes with no special tools or bike modifications

Quick Connect

Unhitches and reconnects to your bike in 12 seconds

Less Car, More Go

Cargo capacity is enough for two grocery bags or a briefcase, laptop, and lunch.

Starting at $699

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