electric bike conversion kits
Electric Bike Conversion Kit
Electric bike conversion kit

Which E-bike to get? Will it be comfortable? Maybe a conversion kit?

Compare the option of keeping your bike and hitching up an electric trailer.

Clever design advantages of the Ridekick™ Trailer

  • Unlike an electric bicycle or an electric bike conversion kit, the weight is in the trailer and your bike stays light and nimble.
  • You CHOOSE the battery system that fits your style. There is even room for two batteries.
  • Which e-bike to buy? Is it comfortable? Are the bicycle components skimpy?
  • Use the bike that you love. Simply add a “Kick” to it.

Comparison between the Ridekick PT, electric bikes and electric bike conversion kits

Ridekick PT Ebike Conversion Kits
Cost $699 $500 – $8500 $500-$2000
Ease Of Installation 20 Minutes

After installation, the Ridekick PT comes on and off your bike in seconds.
Pre-assembled 1 hr++

Install the motor wheel, battery, throttle, and wiring.  1 hour + any special brackets etc
How’s the ride? Just like your regular bike!
The weight is in the trailer.
Patented hitch design makes it smooth and simple.
The affordable ones are heavy, and the most expensive are awesome.
(Pay more for lighter materials and sleeker design.)
Your bike with extra weight.
Maintenance Easy

Maintain your bike.
The Ridekick PT is self contained and simple. Lube the chain periodically and enjoy 1000’s of carefree miles.
SLA and LiFePO4 batteries are the more robust and longest lasting.

Bicycle maintenance depends on the e-bike components. Electric components reliability vary by supplier.
New compact and light batteries may have shorter life spans.

Maintain your bike with extra care. Conversions can cause extra strain on the frame, fork, tires and spokes.
Select your battery option with care.
Flexibility – switching power assist to other bikes. Wow

Simply unhitch the Ridekick PT in seconds and your bike is back to its classic pedal-powered self.
Hitch it to another bike in seconds.

You may remove the battery if you want to pedal a lighter bike.
Generally Permanent

 You may remove the battery if you want to pedal a lighter bike.
Plan on 1-2 hours to put on another bike.
Cargo Capacity 75 lbs (34 kg)

What can you carry in 42 liters of weather-tight space? Beer anyone?
Backpack or panniers.

The extra weight is on your bike, unless you pull a trailer!
Backpack or panniers.

Add even more weight on your regular wheels.
Throttle styles Simple throttle.Press a little and go slowly, press more to go faster.

1. Turn on
2. Press throttle
3. GO!
Throttle or PAS

There are varying options on ebikes.  Some are throttle control only, some are designed for only providing power as you pedal, and others give you a choice.
Throttle or PAS

Varying options, but usually limited to throttles that can install on your handlebars.
Serviceability Easy

Built-in diagnostics in the controller make problem-solving as easy as a look at the display.
Great Service Ratings from customers!

E-bikes generally require in-store service to solve electronics problems.

Conversion kits can be challenging to service because there is a unique installation for each bike and you need electronics knowledge to diagnose the problem.

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