Innovative design with the power in a trailer

Clever design advantages of the Ridekick™

  • Unlike an electric bicycle or an electric bike conversion kit, the all the weight is in the trailer and your bike stays light and nimble.
  • E-bike designs tend to constrain the size and weight of the battery to fit within the frame constraints. Ridekick trailers can use most any size battery, and even long range batteries won’t weigh down the bike
  • Instead of shopping for an e-bike with quality components that fits you well, use the bike that you love. Just add a “Kick” to it.

electric bike conversion kit cargo

Comparison between the Ridekick PT, ebikes and electric conversion kits

Ridekick PT Ebike Conversion Kits
Ease Of Installation 20 Minutes

The average user takes 20 minutes for the initial installation of the Ridekick PT on the bike. After the first installation, the Ridekick PT comes on and off your bike in seconds.
N/A 1 hr+

Most conversion kits require a significant modification to the bike and take 1-2 hours to install, such as the BioniX System or others on
Initial Ease Of Use Easy

Everything about the Ridekick PT is designed to be intuitive and easy to use.

Ebikes are much heavier than normal bikes and require practice to ride comfortably.

Conversion kits can be tricky to use because they make changes to the existing bike, so getting the right fit takes adjustment.
Natural Ride Because the Ridekick PT pushes on the rear axle, power is applied to the bike in exactly the same way as pedaling. The battery weight in the trailer helps provide traction in the Ridekick PT and keeps the trailer stable. Ebikes require the heavy battery to be on the bike frame, and the motor is on the wheel, causing the whole bike configuration it to be heavier and the distribution of the weight to be unfamiliar at first. Conversion kits have the same battery weight problem as ebikes, but they also commonly have shifting issues with motors that attach to the chain and handling issues for front mounted hub motors.
Cost of Ownership Less than 2 cents per charge and low maintenance costs. Less than 2 cents per charge and low maintenance costs. Less than 2 cents per charge and low maintenance costs.
Maintenance Easy

Because the Ridekick PT is not a full bike, it is far less complex to maintain than an ebike.  Ridekick provides any special tools the user needs.

Maintaining an ebike requires special tools and electronics knowledge.

Conversion kits can cause extra strain on the frame and fork of the converted bike. They also require tools and electronics knowledge to maintain.
Removable Easy

Simply unhitch the Ridekick PT in seconds and your bike is back to its classic pedal-powered self.

Maybe you could take the battery out, if you wanted to make it lighter.
Generally Permanent

 Some kits are removable but they usually require bolts and tools to remove.  Usually takes 1-2 hours.  They are generally intended to be a permanent conversion.
Cargo Capacity 75 lbs (34 kg)

What can you carry with 41.8 liters of weather-tight space? Beer anyone?

The weight of an ebike can make carrying anything else a balancing act.
Fanny pack?

Carrying your cargo on a seat rack and in saddle bags is a possibility, or you can always use your fanny pack!
Complexity Simple

1. Turn on
2. Press throttle
3. GO!

There are varying options on ebikes.  Some are throttle control only, some are designed for only providing power as you pedal, and others give you a choice.  The user learns which way is best for any given riding situation.

Conversion kits can be complex depending on how they attach to the bike.
Serviceability Easy

Built-in diagnostics in the controller make problem-solving as easy as a look at the display.

Ebikes may be difficult to service because they require electronics knowledge to determine the problem.

Conversion kits can be challenging to service because there is a unique installation for each bike and require electronics knowledge to diagnose the problem.
Cost $699.00 $400 – $3500 $400-$2000


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