Frequently Asked Questions about adding the Ridekick power boost trailer to your bike or recumbent trike

How fast does it go?
How far will it go?
Does it “fish-tail” as it pushes?
Will it get me up the hills?
How much does it weigh?
How much space is in the cargo area?
Do I have to worry about weight in the trailer?
Does the cargo stay dry in wet weather?
How long does it take to install? Can I do it myself?
I have a bike and a trike. Will it work on each of them ?
How can I protect myself against theft?
Does it use rechargeable batteries?
Why do you use SLA batteries? Aren't they heavy?
If I get a SLA battery now, can I upgrade to a lithium later?
How long does it take to recharge the battery?
How much does it cost to charge it?
What sort of carbon footprint does it have?
Other electric assist systems use a 36v or 48v system. Why don't you?
What kind of motor do you use?
But, brush motors aren't as good...are they?
Is it legal?
Is it cheating?
Does it use a throttle or a pedal sensor system?
Are the batteries safe?
What is the warranty?
Where can I buy one?