Our Mission

Ridekick™ International is a Fort Collins, Colorado based start-up company composed of a team with veteran bicycle riders and experienced business leaders. Why do we exist?

To provide an affordable, quality, fun and “green” alternative to our dependency on gasoline-powered transportation for short trips.

How are we going to do this? We introduced the first commercially available electric powered bike trailer that can be installed easily on almost any bike to add a fun kick to your ride.

In doing so, we will take millions of more trips without cars: people jump on their Ridekick-equipped bikes for errands, commuting to and from work, visiting friends, going out to dine… and a fleet of infrequently ridden bikes are back in action!

Our goals in creating earth-friendly accessories are to increase low environmental-impact vehicle use, decrease the cost of efficient, effective transportation for the user, and provide a fun way for people to find their beyond. Ridekick bridges the gap between an electric bike and a tow-behind trailer.  This electric powered bike trailer connects you to a power boost that also carries your belongings! People are out and about, proudly riding bikes and feeling healthier! All because of this easy to attach electric powered bike trailer!

Electric powered bike trailer

Ridekick™ Is The First Commercially Available Electric Powered Bike Trailer!