Electric Motor and Battery Get You Going With An Electric Bike Conversion E-Bike Kit!

The motor spins the trailer wheel, the wheels grips the ground, and you are pushed forward on your bike.

Pedal your bike as much as you want and press the throttle when you need a boost.

Fighting the wind? Smile as the Ridekick boost helps you cut through the wind.
Straining over hills? Feel powerful with the Ridekick boost.

The Ridekick power trailer is designed to fit on any bike or trike that can pull a trailer.

  • It works on a cruiser bike, hybrid, mountain bike, road bike, recumbent bike or trike, fat tire or skinny, full suspension or standard, even tandems!
  • There’s no need to shop for an electric bike that fits you; hitch the e-bike kit to your favorite bike or trike.

Recharge the battery at home or at the office in 1-4 hours. The battery has a handy carrying case with a small charger that plugs into the wall.

Key Features

  • FUN: Pushes your bike up to 19 Mph
  • VARIABLE: Simple throttle gives you variable speed control
  • COMFORTABLE DISTANCE: Ride 10-12 miles on a full charge with the sealed lead-acid (SLA) battery and 25-30 miles with the lithium iron (LiFEPO4) battery.
  • CARGO SPACE: Room inside for a briefcase or bags of groceries
  • QUICK TO ATTACH: Clicks on or off your bike in 15 seconds
  • SECURE CARGO AREA: weather resistant storage case with combination lock
  • CABLE LOCKABLE: Lock it up with the Steel Security Loop on the hitch arm.
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Installs on most any bike in under 12 minutes.
  • STABLE: Designed to be safe and stable in turns.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT BIKE: Your cycle feels nimble and comfortable even with a full cargo load.
  • TRAILER CARRIES THE WEIGHT: The SLA Battery Ridekick Trailer weighs 43 lbs and the LiFEPO4 Ridekick Trailer weighs 38 lbs.
  • USE YOUR BIKE OR TRIKE: Provides all the benefits of an e-bike or electric bike conversion kit without modifying your bike.

e-bike kit

Arrive feeling fresh! Ditch the car and enjoy the fresh air.

The hitch design provides a smooth push. There is no notable sideways push, and no “jack-knife” feeling. It’s easy to do figure eights as if there wasn’t a trailer attached!  Most cyclists are comfortable with the boost after only 20 seconds of riding.  Wheeeeee.

Recharge the battery at home or at the office. The battery comes in a small carrying case with a small charger that plugs into the wall, charging the battery in 1-4 hours depending on how many miles you’ve ridden.

  • Looking for a weight loss aid? The Ridekick power trailer makes cycling more pleasant, so you’ll want to ride more.
  • Need an exercise program? Commute to work with the Ridekick power boost, then at the end of the day, change into workout clothes and pedal home without power.

See the Cycling for Health page

“I have to say the Ridekick has truly changed my life! I absolutely LOVE my Ridekick! I use my trike to go everywhere. I even use my Ridekick to run errands and pick up groceries etc.”
Oren, FL

E-Bike Kit Accessories

  • Extra throttles and hitch plates to rig another bike; the trailer switches between bikes in 30 seconds.
  • Extra charger so you can recharge at home or at the office.
  • Extra battery for extended range.

Easy Installation & Storage

The Ridekick trailer installs on most every style of bike and trike within minutes. See our installation page.

  • Unhitch the trailer and your bicycle is ready for normal riding. Unlike a motor conversion kit that burdens your bicycle with the weight and accessories of a mid-motor or motor wheel.
  • Stand it up out of the way for compact storage.

Electric Bike Conversion

Still have questions on our e-bike kit for conversion?  Check out our FAQs for even MORE information!