Go farther and more frequently with confidence with your e-bike conversion kit from Ridekick.

Carefree man riding his bike with the Ridekick bike conversion kit

Healthy living

happy-heartRiding with electric assist excites you to ride more. Ridekick cyclists ride much more frequently, and double their distance.

Provides Support for Physical Challenges

challengesWhether disease or post-surgery rehabilitation is slowing (or eliminating) your riding pleasure, the Ridekick trailer can offer some aid. The Ridekick boost allows you to get back outdoors and pedal as much or as little as you like with less strain on your body.

Ride with Friends

tandemAs an equalizer for diverse riding abilities, you can keep up with stronger riders and enjoy time together cycling.


Easily Unhitch the Trailer

unlockWant to ride without the motor? Simply unhitch the trailer and you can ride your bike “au naturale”. Unlike an e-bike conversion kit, there is no motor installed on your bike.

Your Personal Powerhouse

power Take advantage of the opportunity to go farther and faster on your relaxing rides. Not only does it push you and your bike or trike, it can carry your outing supplies (food, drink, clothing layers, pump, repair kit…)

Riders’ Remarks:

“Just to let you know that the power trailer is everything I hoped it would be. It makes biking so much more enjoyable. The hills are nothing to get up now!”
Sally, NY (age 76)

“I put about 2500 miles on the ridekick since I got it in May (2012).
Scott, MN

“My wife saw all the fun I was having so we purchased a second Ridekick!! Now we often go together for our exercise rides and thanks to her Ridekick she can stay right with me.”
Oren, FL