Comfortable E-bike…Your Own Cycle with Ridekick Trailer!

Simple comfort over flashy style

People cycle for many reasons. For some, it’s the primary or only mode of transportation they use – they don’t even own a car or they live in a city that makes car use more cumbersome than bicycling. For others, bicycling represents a form of recreation and a means for exercise. And competitive cyclists, while 

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Electric-Assist Cycling is Not Cheating!

Octogenarian on bicycle

“My Friends Say It’s Cheating.” You need to ask, “What’s the measure of judgment?” Meet Harry, 87 years old, Pennsylvania state high school record holder in high hurdles (1945 and 1946). He doesn’t think it’s cheating! He says it enables him to continue to enjoy bicycling. “I wouldn’t’ be able to do it without the 

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Choose the Right Bicycle Commuting Gear


Long gone may be the days you could pull off having playing cards in the spokes of your tires.  Nevertheless, every bicycle commuter still needs the right bicycle commuting gear so you feel comfortable and safe for the ride. Whether you’re commuting for the health benefits, to save money on gas, or time looking for 

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Ridekick Review by ElectricRideReview

Catrike with Ridekick

 Court Rye of was in Fort Collins and asked to spend some time with Ridekick International owners, Mark Wanger and Dee Wanger, and do a thorough Ridekick Review. “It’s actually one of the more affordable electric bike ‘solutions’ I’ve seen out there,” Court Rye – Writing electric bike reviews and conversion kits reviews for five years. 

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Electric Bike Law Basics

Electric bikes law enables utility riding.

Electric Bike Law Basics Electric bicycles are defined in the United States as light vehicles that can be powered by human pedal-power and/or by electric power. In order to be considered a “bicycle” rather than a “motor vehicle”,  US federal law specifies that electric bicycles are 2- or 3-wheeled vehicles that can’t travel faster than 20 (23 

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Trying a Recumbent Trike

A Recumbent Trike with a Ridekick power trailer feels like a go-kart!

Trying a Recumbent Trike! With so many recumbent trike riders adding an electric assist with our Ridekick power trailer, my business partner, Mark, and I decided to try recumbent trikes. We wanted to understand the appeal that attracted so many “baby boomer” converts? After all, they ride with a smile visible from a quarter mile 

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Ride for Reading in Fort Collins Again!

Ride for Reading

Fort Collins, Colorado – Fourteen local, national and international organizations are coming together to encourage children to read and value bicycling. In celebration of National Bike to School Week, over 60 bicyclists will pedal more than 1,500 books to students at Harris Bilingual School and Laurel School of Arts and Technology. The bicyclists, New Belgium 

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Harrowing Experience


We want to thank Mark for letting us know that he’s alive, safe and well, and that the Ridekick survived, too! What a tale… On Sunday morning July 7th at 10:00 AM I was coasting to a stop sign at an intersection in rural Wisconsin. It was a perfect morning for a ride – sunny 

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Bicycle and Book Collaboration to Support Love of Reading


Fort Collins, Colorado – Six local, national and international organizations are coming together to encourage children to read. In celebration of World Book Night, April 23, 2013, over 30 bicyclists will pedal more than 325 books to students at Putnam Elementary School.  The bicyclists, representatives of Overland Sertoma and members of the Fort Collins Bicycle 

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Ridekick Left-handed Bicycle


At Ridekick International, we’re sensitive to the needs of all riders.  It has come to our attention that left-handed people want their own way of riding a bike – a way that’s much more natural for the way their brains are wired. To show our support of that fine group of people, we’ve developed the 

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